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Monday, 24 April 2017

Currently Loving

Asos Flame Jeans | Black Converse | Vintage Bomber (Nine Crows


Ego Gucci Dupes | Zara Leather Trousers | Asos chain bag | Urban Outfitters Vintage Denim Jacket | Zara Tshirt | Urban Outfitters fish net long sleeve

You know when you get those pieces that you just KNOW you're not going to be able to get enough of? It happens me pretty often but you know it's special when you literally can't stop thinking about them or looking at them... (Welcome to my life...)

I have literally been LUSTING after the Gucci Princetown slippers for months now but realistically knew I would never be able to call them my own. So when I saw that Ego Shoes had brought out and exact replica you can imagine how thrilled I was! To be honest I wasn't expecting them to be great, as at less than 40 euro I was expecting them to look cheap or be poor quality. But oh was I wrong... not only are they the comfiest shoes, they look so like the originals! So much so that I was complimented on my 'Gucci' shoes the other day when I decided to take a look around the real deal Gucci in Brown Thomas, from one of the girls working there. Awkward, but I was chuffed all the same that it really cemented how real they really look!

Another of my obsessions at the moment are these FAB Asos jeans. Could they actually be any cooler? I saw them on my favourite @WeWoreWhat and literally knew I had to have them! They have sold out so fast so I am glad I got them when I did. Definitely keep an eye on them on the site if you like them though because I have a feeling asos will restock them. Also, not going to lie, I was pretty delighted with myself when Asos re-grammed my picture of them... Check it out here!

I also have to mention this smokin' (lol, see what I did?) Marlboro bomber I picked up in Nine Crows. Vintage one-off pieces are my absolute favourite and I am in love with this. It's so oversized and I love the retro vibe of it. I don't even smoke but reppin' it all the same... :)

Janine x

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Let's Talk About Puffer Jackets

 Hi guys! 

New year...same me! If there's one thing I'm sure about myself now, it's that my obsession with coats isn't going anywhere fast... My wardrobe is literally bursting with them at this stage but all it takes is a search on Asos or a walk through Zara or Urban Outfitters, and I'm smitten with another one!  

These past few months it's puffer jackets that have really been catching my attention. I've always been such a fan of the sporty luxe look, so I'm loving how they look with a pair of trainers or my Dr Martens to add a touch of grunge. Did I mention how warm they are also?! I find it hard to imagine what life was like before I had these babies in my life...

Below is a few of my collection that I've worn recently and featured on my Instagram account (@janinemcbennett) and I've linked any items that are still available to shop, or similar items:

H&M Puffer Jacket (similar below) | Topshop Leather Leggings (similar here) | Dr Marten Platform Boots | Urban Outfitters Beanie | Zara Bag (sold out)

Urban Outfitters Puffer Jacket | Topshop Leather Leggings (similar here) | Reebok Classics | Vintage Reebok Jumper

Zara Puffer Jacket (similar here) | Topshop Coated Leigh Jeans (similar here) | Adidas Gazelles


Zara Red Puffer Jacket (bought in sale - no longer available. Similar here) | Topshop Leather Leggings (similar here) | Dr Marten Boots | Zara Bag (old)


Chat soon!
Janine x

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Travel Diary: London

Hi everyone,

I'm a week home from a trip to London, and I've a serous case of #TakeMeBack. I was only there for a few days, but I loved every minute of it. I've been visiting London quite regularly since I was about 10 with family, so after 14 years, it really feels like my second home when I'm there! There is definitely no city like it in my opinion, and it's always when I'm there that I question why I still haven't made that jump across the pond and tried out London living for real...

One can dream they're a Londoner while they're there though! Something about being in London makes me really want to experiment with my style even further. I love how it's such an effortlessly cool and fashionable city. Even just sitting on the tubes I get so much inspo, and I could literally spend hours people watching. I love how the London style is so relaxed and never too try-hard. Everyone has such a unique style, and wears what they want...the more different and cool you look, the better! It's not the best, then, having to work from a capsule wardrobe as a visitor, but I tried to pack some pieces I knew would keep me feelin' stylish!

Below are some of the outfits I wore, and I've linked all items I can find online:

Zara Silver Culottes | Adidas Superstars | Asos Black Silk Top (old) | RayBan Round Sunglasses | Asos Mini Backpack


Asos White Denim Dress | Zara Polo Neck Top | Adidas Superstars| Asos Mini Backpack


Boohoo Velvet Tunic Top | Urban Outfitters Puffer Jacket | Topshop Coated Jeans (old) | Adidas Superstars | Asos Mini Backpack


I absolutely love exploring the different parts of London. Even after all these years, there's always somewhere new to venture around in the city. I love nothing more than roaming through the streets and finding quirky and cool coffee places, or a vibrant street to stroll down. I always make sure to visit my favourites when I'm in London, and one area would definitely be Regent Street & Piccadilly Circus. I love the buzzing atmosphere, and the buildings on Regent Street are just stunning. I generally love to visit all the 'Londoner' places and avoid the touristy stuff (ignore the post box picture above!)... it's fun to act like you really live there and I think you really get to go to the best places when you do it like that. It also helps that one of my best friends lives there, so knows all the insider tips of where's good to go!

I'm planning my next trip back already...

Chat soon,

Janine x


Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Return Of The Oversized Jumpers (Hey Autmun!)

House of Sunny Jumper |  Zara Leather Look Jeans | Dr Marten Boots (old)


Hey everyone,

Happy Tuesday!

So it's officially my favourite time of year! October is one of the best months in my opinion, I'm a BIG Halloween fan, and I love that it's starting to get chillier and the dark evenings are coming in. Obviously, this also has a lot to do with my love for Autumn/Winter clothes, which I know I've mentioned before. I'm a serious sucker for jumpers. I feel like my knitwear collection is never quite complete so I probably won't stop adding to it any time soon...

Combine that jumper obsession with one of my favourite brands, House Of Sunny, and you're most definitely on to a winner. I recently picked up this amazing jumper in Topshop in London. I was so happy when I saw that Topshop on Oxford Street stock House Of Sunny, as it's a brand I regularly keep an eye on online, but have never had the chance to see the clothes first-hand. It was hard to come away with only one item, but I knew that this jumper was one that I would definitely get my value for money with. It's so timeless and something that I will definitely be living in (I'm wearing it again right now as I write this post!) It's absolutely huge, I'm wearing the smallest size in it and it's still so comfy and oversized. I also love the really big turtle neck - the ideal piece to snuggle up in for the coming winter months.

I've paired it here with my skinny leather look jeans from Zara, and my fave trusty Dr Marten boots I picked up a couple of years ago. I love the contrast of the really big jumper with a good pair of skinnies, and leather look ones are my go-to. 

Want to see more of where this jumper came from? Check out House Of Sunny's fab range here.

Chat soon,

Janine x


Friday, 7 October 2016



So, it's been a while! 

I've really been playing favourites recently with Instagram, and abandoning my poor blog. But, I'm back with a bang and plan to post a lot more regularly again now so make sure you check back!

I know it's always weird to admit, but I'm very happy to wave bye bye to summer for now and welcome A/W with open arms. I love nothing more than layering, and I have a serious weakness for coats and jumpers, so I get proper excited about getting dressed every morning at this time of year. There's so much more choice and options to experiment with, and I find I spend significantly more time roaming online shops and lusting after everything I see (asos, I'm looking at you...) 
With that in mind, I've put together a few of the items I've got my eye on at the moment for the coming season. A girl can dream...

1. First up is this FAB all-black pair of Nike Cortez. I absolutely love the matte leather finish and how simple they are, you really can't go wrong with a classic pair of black sneakers. Yes, my bedroom floor is fast disappearing with my overgrowing collection of shoes. But no, that hasn't stopped me yet... #SOS


2. OH Asos White, how much I would like to make you all mine. I don't think there's ever been a brand of clothes that speaks to me as much as asos white does. I absolutely love the simple cuts and effortlessly cool designs. It really reminds me of Cos, which is another of my favourites for finding those simple yet perfectly designed pieces. As much as I love to look through it all and fill up my virtual shopping basket though, it breaks my heart to roam through it all and have to forever leave it under my wishlist (thumbs down to the price tags). That certainly doesn't stop me though, so below are just a few of the pieces that have caught my attention this time:

How amazing is this silk blue jumper? I absolutely love mixing sports luxe in to my wardrobe, and this pastel blue colour is so eyecatching. I'd pair this with sneakers and an oversized bomber for the perfect comfy yet stylish look. I think this would also look amazing with a lace cami over it for a cool sporty 90's look.

 Mixing joggers with jeans? I'm all in! I love the slouchy fit of these with the big pockets and the zips on the ankles. I absolutely love these for tucking in a tee or a classic white shirt for a seriously cool smart/caj look.


I cannot resist a good statement sleeve, so this Taffeta Sleeve Tshirt is an obvious choice from me. In fact, I think I will have to make this mine very soon... brb.


3. Leaning on the sports luxe style again, I'm a big fan of this Mesh Sweatshirt from Cheap Monday. I'm all about the details, and I love the contrast of the black with the mesh. This would be perfect with an oversized denim jacket layered over it and a pair of adidas stan smiths. 


4. Another Cheap Monday piece I'm loving is this Silver Funnel Neck Jumper. Seriously, did you really expect to get to the end of this without seeing something metallic?! This has my name all over it... silver, oversized, knitted. So much yes, so much want. It's shame it comes with a pretty hefty price tag of €93 though. *sigh

5. I really couldn't make one of these lists without including a coat or jacket now could I?! This House of Sunny Copper 90's Bomber is a DREAM. I'm not even joking when I say I have had the tab for this open on my laptop for over 2 weeks now... I can't quite commit to buying it, but I also can't quite say a firm goodbye to it. Just LOOK at it! <3
Image result for house of sunny coppers 90s bomber

So there we have it for just some of the items I'm lusting after right now. I actually found it embarrassingly difficult to keep this post to only a few pieces so I'll most definitely be repeating this again very soon!

Hope you got some inspiration for some new season pieces for your wardrobe.

Janine x


Monday, 4 July 2016

What's On My Face - Beauty #1

To add a bit of a mix into my usual style and outfit posts... let's talk beauty! The focus of this post is a close look at some of the products I wear as part of my make up routine on a daily basis. It's a bit of long one, so let's get right into it...

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation (Medium 1 'Punjab') - This foundation is literally gold in a bottle. I discovered it about a year or two ago and I've never looked back. It gives the most perfect smooth and dewy finish, and I find the lasting power of it is brilliant - I actually think it nearly gets better as the day goes on! I've had many compliments and questions about what foundation I'm wearing when I have this on, it really just gives the skin a flawless finish without being too heavy. It evens out the skintone and feels lightweight on the skin. I also really like that it has a dewy and sheer finish, as I find matte foundations can sometimes look too 'cakey' and unnatural. This foundation looks good applied with just your fingers, or else I usually use the Real Techniques buffing brush to give the ultimate flawless finish. There's so many raving reviews about this foundation, and it's easy to see why once you start using it. 

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer (Medium 1 'Custard') - Another Nars product which I use on a daily basis and absolutely love is their radiant creamy concealer. It's the perfect match for the sheer glow foundation, as again it's really dewy and moisturising on the skin. It's not too heavy or drying as some concealers can be, and it just provides the perfect amount of natural coverage for blemish areas after applying foundation, and it does a really good job of brightening up the under eye area. As it's quite a light coverage concealer, it wouldn't be the best product for those looking for a heavier coverage, and as it's quite sheer its lasting power is not as strong, especially for those with oilier skin. One negative I find with it is the amount of it you get in the bottle - I find I'm always running out if it so fast!

Hourglass Ambiant Lighting blusher (Luminous Flush) - THIS. I literally cannot describe how nice of a product this is. Not only is it a gorgeous blusher, but it also has the added benefit of providing a beautiful highlight and radiant light to the cheekbones. I picked this up at a beauty event last year in Space NK having read rave reviews about this brand. I'd never seen the products before, but I was eager to try one of the powders or blushers. I generally like quite a peachy, dark pink as a blush, as it suits my skin tone, and this shade is the perfect colour. It looks a lot brighter than it actually is on the skin, providing just a natural glowy flush to the cheeks. Also - the packaging!! The gold mirrored finish makes the product so classy and elegant and really adds to the luxury of the product. May I also add the value for money - I purchased this product last year and I use it every day, and it still looks almost untouched. I couldn't recommend this product or brand enough. I'm definitely going to take a trip to Space NK again soon to have a look at their other shades and products again. 

Nars Laguna bronzer - Another of Nars' golden products, and one of my absolute beauty bag musts! I have been using this bronzer for years now, and don't think I'll be switching up any time soon. Although the colour is a little scary in the pan, it just gives a really warm glow to the face. I also love this product for contouring; I always use this to add some definition to my cheekbones, and down the sides of my nose and across my forehead.

Benefit Watt's Up Highlighter - This is a product I've actually been using for years now (and it's still the same one I've had for about 2/3 years - is that a good or a bad thing...?!) I usually add this as a highlighter just under my brows as it gives the perfect shimmer and lifts the brows -I find it also does a good job of hiding any stray eyebrow hairs if your brows are in need of a bit of tlc! I sometimes also add a bit down the bridge of my nose for the perfect natural highlight and reflection.

Anastasia Beverly Hills BrowWiz pencil (Ebony) - On we move to eyebrows, aka my beauty obsession. Having black hair, I find it so hard to find an eyebrow product that doesn't look too dark and unnatural. Drugstore products generally only do dark brown as their darkest shade, which is annoying, as it's usually too light for my colouring. After many years of trying out different products, it's only when I came upon the Anastasia brand that my eyebrows were truly transformed for the better! I can't even remember now where I first stumbled upon the brand, but so many beauty bloggers and celebrities rave about her products and I'm not surprised. Not only is the shade Ebony a perfect match for my hair colour, the brow wiz pencil is literally the ideal way to naturally fill in your eyebrows. It's a really thin pencil and has an eyebrow brush/blender on the other end to smooth out the product after applying for a natural finish. You definitely don't need a heavy hand for the product, as a few light strokes gives the perfect finish and the perfect amount of shading and definition. Because the pencil is so thin, it's also ideal if you just want to add some depth to thinning or over-plucked eyebrows. It's literally my favourite eyebrow product, but it's unfortunate that it's not for sale in Ireland. I order it off CultBeauty.co.uk, which stocks loads of cool makeup brands and offers very fast delivery. 

Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara - When it comes to mascaras, I'm not generally loyal to one product or brand in particular. Recently, I've been using this Maybelline one and really loving it. A must in a mascara for me is one that really lengthens and dramatises the eyelashes, - the more black and bold the better! And this one does just that. I already have quite long eyelashes, but it gives incredible length and fullness to them. The only downside of the product is that it's really hard to remove, it's not even the warerproof one that I have, but it doesn't come off with my cleanser alone. So recently I've been using the Garnier Micellar Water as a further eye-makeup remover (even at that there's still sometimes remnants the next morning!) It's a really great mascara though for bold and full lashes, and holds a curl really well.

Shu Uemura eyelash curler - This really is the best eyelash curler and lives up to all of its glowing reviews! I wasn't always one for using eyelash curlers before I came upon this, but now I find I couldn't go a day without it! It adds such length and depth to the lashes and gives the best curl in only a few seconds, which lasts for hours with a good mascara over it. Even on no makeup days, this does wonders for your eyes - I don't go a day without it! 

Illamasqua Precision Ink liner (Abyss) - I love love love this liquid eyeliner. I generally wear the classic cat-flick most days (...when I'm not feeling lazy), and I find this has the best glossy black finish and has a really easy to use tip on it for getting the perfect flick. It's major selling point though is its lasting power - you put this on in the morning and it will last you right through the day without fading or smudging. Again, like the mascara, this can be quite difficult to actually get off with makeup remover, which shows just how well it stays put!

Mac Paint Pot (Painterly) - I have a few Mac paint pots, but this is the one I use every day. Paint pots are basically a cream-based eyeshadow, they're easy for no-fuss days as can be easily applied and blended in using your fingers. The colour 'Painterly' is basically the colour of my eyelids, so I use it to even out the eyelids for no-eyeshadow days, and also as a base/primer for days when I am wearing eye shadow and want it to last the day without creasing. 

Hope you enjoyed this post as a little something different! Check back soon for more style posts & keep up to date with my #ootd's over on Insta..

Janine x


Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Frayed Denim


Zara frayed denim jeans | Zara bomber | Cos white t-shirt | Adidas Stan Smiths | Zara silver backpack | Amelia Jane London pompom keyring 


I feel like every time I write a new post I have a new obsession... cue: frayed denim! I've been seeing a lot of it on Instagram recently, and I was on the hunt for the perfect pair. I'm generally a Topshop jean snob (yep!), but when I was strolling around Zara recently, I came across these and the frayed ends caught my attention straight away. The blue denim is such a nice colour for spring / summer, and I love how although they're semi-slouchy, they're still a flattering fit. My favourite thing about them, though, is those huge frays... we're not just talking a little destroyed here, they're proper ripped up at the ends and I love it! They tick all the boxes when it comes to cool relaxed fit jeans and I'll definitely be living in them for the coming months.

Continuing on with my love for pink and bombers these days (can't you tell?), I paired the jeans with this really nice light bomber from Zara. I love the pale pink sleeves with the contrasting grey. It's soo light that it's perfect for layering on chiller days, or wearing on its own for summer. 

My backpack of the moment is a main feature of this outfit again... I just love the pop of metallic it brings to my looks. You can also never go wrong with a simple white tee and adidas stan smiths - I live in both of these and revolve so many of my outfits around them.

I'm really loving experimenting with pastels and cool-tone colours at the moment. Looks like these are getting me very excited for the summer to really begin and to start adding even more to my outfits!

Janine x
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